Work in progress

Here I will post the latest WIP images and thoughts on what I am currently working on. Maybe someone will find it useful? :)

UPDATE: 1/31/2011

Trying to recreate a photograph as closely as possible within the Bitsquid Tech:

My latest project is a simple DirectX11 Scene with a sweeping vista at the end.  I wanted to do some more DX11 work as it was quite a while since I did The Stone Giant Demo, and working with tesselation is so much fun ;)

I added the vista part to develop a good workflow for creating amazing looking and still optimized backdrops.

UPDATE: 1/12/2011

Blockout of the starting ruin/caveroom of my vista scene. From here the camera will  slowly fly forward towards the end of the tunnel, where the vista will spread out infront of you.

UPDATE: 1/10/2011

My latest project, an industrial/steampunk vista, the landscape will be dotted with factories, spewing out smoke and zeppelins clouding the skies.

The Flying Brick

Another side project of mine nicknamed the Flying Brick, it is meant to be an orbital dropship that can close itself up and become a “flying brick” for those extra rough orbital entries!